Grand Elegance

Big Black Dolce Box Choco. Cinnabun Crunch PopCorn Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels Dark Choco. Sponge Toffee Sea Salt Caramel Crunch PopCorn Dark Choco.Toffee Chews Dark Choco. Malt Balls Milk Choco. Caramel Brownie Bites Dark Peppermint Bark Assortement Grand Luxe Triple Treat Cranberries Choco. Toffee Peanuts Milk Choco. Peanut Bark Caramel peppermint popcorn Dark Choco. Cookie Dough Bites Fruit + Nut Mix
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The Grand Elegance gift basket is one of our finest gift baskets for Christmas, corporate gifting, or any holiday celebration. This gourmet gift basket is a statement piece that will make someone say WOW and let them know that they are appreciated or loved.